Railroad Memories Museum

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The Collection
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#1-- Main Entry Room-Tickets and small Gift Shop. Learn the history of the building (built in 1902 by Omaha Railway), and see a diorama of Spooner's railroad yard, depot and roundhouse. 1896 railroad bicycle, steam gauges, bells, and whistles. Two “G” gauge model trains running on an elevated track. Also an “N” gauge and Thomas the Tank.

Get a ticket.  Watch the model trains around the room.  Enter the past.  Purchase a souvenir.

#2-- Caboose Room-This room contains a large collection of lamps, lanterns, brakemen’s and conductor’s tools and a pot bellied stove. It contains the original cabinets and high ceiling of the depot’s restaurant, The Beanery.

Ever heard of a "brake club"? The Caboose room shows tools of the trade of conductors and brakemen.

#3-- Spooner Room-See the original “Crew Board” used to list rail worker’s assignments. Many pictures and articles dedicated to the many Spooner employees. A Memorial Board and a Sponsor Board recognize those who have supported the museum. Photo albums and scrap books.

The Spooner room contains items related directly to the history of the railroad in Spooner.

#4-- Tool Room-Rail pistons, valves and springs--an unbelievably complete collection of tools used by engineers, firemen, “Gandy Dancers”, and mechanics. A depot baggage wagon, early 1900 rail velocipede used by track inspectors and workers. Large pictures.

Tools of all shapes and sizes fill the wall of the Tool Room.


#5-- Telegraph Room- Often called the “nerve center” of a depot this room has telephones, telegraph equipment, order hoops and forks, and Western Union articles. Many old ledgers and record books-back to the 1800’s. History of the 28 stall roundhouse.

#6-- “400” and Uniform Room-Check out items and pictures from the popular “400” train, early 1900’s CNW band uniform, a chair from President Coolidge’s presidential car, postal railway car information, and a large cap display. Pictures.

#7-- Pullman/Passenger Room-See items related to passenger’s comforts, including a very old “Roomette” (combination toilet and lavatory forming a seat). Conductor and brakeman uniforms, and a very rare railway stewardess uniform. Dining car items, berth ladders, baggage racks, signs and more pictures.

#8-- Library-The library contains an extensive collection of rail books and magazines, world-wide posters, pictures, murals, and a reading area.

Some of the collection of the museum's collection is too large to fit inside

#9-- Art Room-Original art and other special prints depicting railroading, a collection of cap and uniform badges, railroad watches, a Civil War timetable and other very old regulation books are displayed. Large handcrafted black walnut steam engine, tender and caboose. Model farm steam engine.

#10-- Depots and Wrecks-This room contains a wide assortment of items including pictures, large signal equipment, a unique rail car mover, a large wash stand, logging history, and “golden spike” information.
#11 “Bull Pen” Room-So called because it was the room where rails reported to go on duty. Many pictures, jigsaw puzzles, story items of the railway “Fish Cars”. (Interesting in connection with Spooner’s Gov. Tommy Thompson fish hatchery.)

#12 Map Room-Maps both current and dating back to the 1800’s (some for sale) can be found here. Map of Spooner’s original freight and passenger yard.

#13 Video Room-View a variety of rail videos while seated on comfortable passenger coach and Pullman seats. More pictures!

Each room of the Railroad Memories Museum is filled with items from Spooner and around the country. Many have detailed information cards and background information available. There is a lot of unique art and items that will be of interest to both the railroad “buff” and others as well. High on the walls of many of the rooms visitors will see the large murals which were once located in the depot in Ashland, WI. Original works in the museum include the diorama of the Spooner yard, 8x10 watercolor artwork, and the handcrafted, wooden train, all done by local railroad men. From switch keys to signal equipment, many of the items that document the history of the railroads in the United States (and the Midwest in particular) can be found here.


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